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17-Jan-2005, 19:04

Has anyone ever had any experience with the schoolbook ę Access to English, Stating out Ľ for beginners ? I just got a job as a teacher of ESL (actually I am a translator) and I really donít know how to proceed with this material. For those who did use it the layout looks like this : first there is a text (6 to 5 paragraphs) followed by questions, then there is a dialogue (rather long), then drills and exercises.

Any suggestions?

Thank you all

18-Jan-2005, 03:11
I haven't used it- it's from the seventies and, from what I can glean from Google, has accompanying Drill cassettes, which suggests it's a grammar based book with substitution and other type drills, designed to ram home grammar points. Do the unidts focus on specific grammar points, with rather artificial texts crammed full of examples? If so, it's likely to be a Direct Method type book, where you're supposed to fire off questions to get specific answers highlighting a specific grammar point. I could, howver, be doing the book an injustice. Could you put up a few examples or some more details? ;-)