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22-Jan-2005, 16:27
Hi everyone,
I wanna ask you if you know or have any play scripts for kids? My sister is planning for a play for K3 or 4 and she is looking for something new and attractive. You can suggest websites if you know some.

Thanks in advance.
Enjoy your day.;-)

23-Jan-2005, 07:51
Anything here?

23-Jan-2005, 21:29
Thanks, I think she will be very happy with this one, for sure.;-)

24-Jan-2005, 03:33
I found it the other day and it looked good; it has many listening texts as well. ;-)

25-Jan-2005, 11:11
Yeah, that's what I like the most. They have the written texts accompanied with the listening exersices. I do appreciate your help, tdol.;-)

26-Jan-2005, 03:51
You're very welcome. ;-)

15-Sep-2007, 00:51
I found a site with some plays I really like. Different, because not as sappy as most plays for children; also they all include original music. She might like them as well.
Children's Plays, School Plays and Musical Play Scripts by Ravenbeard Productions (http://www.ravenbeard.co.uk)

Teaching English Games
09-May-2008, 12:06

I have written some amusing ESL skits plays for children and I give away a free one as a sample.

Group size: for one to one teaching up to a group of about 15

Age: 4 to 12

Level: Script is for beginners but this can easily be adapted to higher levels by adding in more comments and vocab - just pad out the basic skeleton with extra lines.

The web page contains info about using plays but if you just want the free script scroll down the page until you see the heading "Free ESL Play".

ESL plays for children (http://teachingenglishgames.com/eslplays.htm)

Kind regards