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In our society most jobs require workers to have basic communicational and problem solving skills, since enterprises and companies want to have competitive people and to show a high standard in quality. Regarding this, schools give more importance to the fact of speaking a foreign language and developing thinking skills, which I consider convenient for children.

On the one hand, children can learn in the foreign language class to undertand the language and develop communicative skills, which may help a lot when looking for a job, because they will have more possibilities than the other applicants who do not have these skills. On the other hand, mathematics develop in students thinking skills such as problem solving. these are also important even for everyday life when it comes to coping with situations and reacting to them.

However, children are also taught music and art, and they may consider these subjects more interesting than Maths and Language. I used to think that having a talent in music would lead me into great opportunities. But what I found after dedicating a lot of time in my dream was that I should have developed useful skills rather than a hobby. In this sense, these subjects can also be important, but as a matter of personal growth, not to get a job.

In conclussion, I agree with the thought of studying Mathematics and a foreign language beacuse the possibities of getting a job are going to he higher and are going to be taken into account for the applicant’s profile.