Could anyone help me with the following questions about reading comprehension? I I have read this passage on the web & I have no appropriate answers. Thanks in advance.

The United States has been criticized for it treatment of it elderly citizens. Although in many other countries the elderly usually live with their children’s family, many older Americans live alone, without the companionship of their children. This situation is sometimes blamed on the “selfishness” of the younger generation but the closer look shows that many of the elderly prefer to maintain their independent lives.
Research on the situation of the elderly in America has shown that while grandparents are delighted to be visited periodically by their children and grandchildren, they prefer to continue living in the surrounding that they are familiar with. This suggests that children should permit their parents to live alone if they wish to, and should encourage them to maintain close ties to the rest of the family.
Another surprising result of the research on the elderly in the United States has been the very positive influence which pets have been found to have on the elderly people that they live with. It has been shown that elderly people who care for small pets, such as cats or dogs, live longer, are healthier, and have better attitudes toward their lives than similar elderly people without these companions.
1. Many elderly Americans live........................................
a. without satisfaction b. by themselves c. a lonely life d. a simple life
I am confused between “b & c”. What are the differences between “by themselves” & a lonely life”

2. What do some people see as the cause of this situation?
a. The society of the USA treats its elderly people as troubles.
b. The young people usually trouble the elderly of their own.
c. The government concerns hardly about the elderly people.
d. The young people are selfish.
Is “d. The young people are selfish” correct?

3. Many of the elderly Americans want to...............................
a. keep living in their well-known place and conditions.
b. remain with their grandchildren in their houses.
c. remote their sons ’or daughters ’ homes.
d. live with their friend in their hometown.
Is “d. live with their friend in their hometown” correct?
4. The author advises the young people to.....................................
a. keep close ties the elderly of their own.
b. let the elderly of their familiar live by themselves.
c. respect the wishes of their elderly parents.
d. permit their elderly relatives to raise some pets.
Is “c. respect the wishes of their elderly parents” correct?
5. The author’s thought is that .................................
a. the elderly who care for some pets live longer.
b. the social practice in the USA make the elderly live alone
c. the elderly people should have better attitudes toward their lives.
d. it is a social tradition that the elderly Americans enjoy the self-directing lives.
Is “d. it is a social tradition that the elderly American enjoy the self-directing lives” correct?