ESSAY: The tourism industry – for good or bad?
You should consider the impact of tourism either in your country or in general, and the positive and negative effect it has. You may wish to discuss social, economic and/or environmental factors.

My country, Poland, started a new life after a meaningful and courageous change of political system in 1989. The judgement of the earlier period may be too complicated. Fortunately it is not necessary to analize times before 1989 since people could hardly notice any signs of tourism in Poland.
During 30 years a relationship with other countries evaluated a lot. Nowadays Poland can present significiant attractions, gaining 17th place on the list of most eagerly visited countries by international tourists. It is really important factor which surely boosts Polish economy. Indisputable connection between tourism and economy causes the growth of enterprise, creating new workplaces and decreasing unemployment. People living on the countryside have been changing their agricultural activity for more profitable agrotourism.
However there is other side of the coin. Tourism causes the growth of prices on the areas of tourists activity which is a great hardship for inhabitants. Additionally the value of investments and advertising campaigns may be so high that people are not able to redeem their debts and go bankrupt.
Another aspect which should be concider is a relationship between tourism and natural environment. Tourism like most human activities can have negative influence on nature. Since there is an increase of tourist infrastructure development, specialists point out a decrease of natural areas which are observed as a habitat for plants and animals. Moreover scientists and ecologists notice a growth of air pollution, water pollution and a level of noice.
For positive issues of tourist expansion can be included all acivities and organisations created to protect natural environment. Without the tourists’ interest various, precious and valuable lands of nature could be change to agricultural areas. What’s more, there is also a pressure to create new parks and green belts.
Inhabitants of Poland are able to cite much more pros and cons of their national tourism. It mostly depends on their age, social status and place of living. What is indisputable is the fact that among other things thanks to tourism Poland is a part of well-developed part of the world.