Hello! I am a university student from Russia. We have to write quite a lot of essays as part of our English course. However, every term we get a new teacher, this is just how the system works, and all teachers are quite different in how they asses your work, both in class performance and written tasks. Consequently, I am quite disappointed in my current teacher, who I feel is being unreasonably harsh. Thus I'd really appreciate an independent opinion and assessment of my last essay.

Please note that I by all means respect all my teachers and never ever argue. Nor do I mean to say that my essay deserves an excellent mark. I am fully aware of my limitations, my peculiar style and so forth. But he gave me an F minus for the following essay, saying that it was "heresy", totally slating my work, as though it was written in Chinese instead of English. Again, I admit I didn't spend much time on it, I admit it is quite short (though, surprisingly, he didn't mention the size among his negative points), I admit it's written in quite a freestyle manner, but then that was the task: just write an essay on the following topic (there was a list of topics to choose from, I picked one), no specification as to how exactly the essay should be written.

So please, as a qualified English teacher (presumably a native speaker) could you please grade my essay, break it down, walk me through both the negative and the positive points of my work. Does it really deserve an F minus? And also, please trust me when I say that the overall level of English of most of our students is very, very, very low (that's a fact), most of them can't even read properly, let alone write essays, so it's not like I'm up against strong competition and my work is the worst of all. I know that isn't too nice of me to say that, but it really is true. Few people were as lucky as myself to have spent most of their childhood and teenage years abroad in an English-speaking country, so it's not their fault, but the fact remains that I'm simply puzzled as to what made my teacher grade my work so poorly when most of his students can't even form coherent sentences. So, without further ado, please help me out here, I need an expert opinion on this. If my essay is really bad, then I have no qualms and will do my best to improve my writing skills, but somehow I just don't really trust the guy's judgment...

P.S. Oh, and to avoid needless political discussions I have to mention that I don't thing the low grade is in any way related to my pro-US stance. Hopefully he's not THAT bent...


World Policeman: If Not the US - Who?

The world has always resembled a boiling pot of nations, states and leaders all metaphorically converging into what we call "the world order". It is only natural, then, to assume that nowadays any sense of seclusion and restraint, or at least "locality", commonly associated with ancient and medieval times due to a number of reasons, but mostly the simple fact that people in, say, Australia had no idea about people in Europe back then, is truly non-existent. The world has suddenly become tiny, or - to use a trendier word - globalized. We have by now had two World Wars, with most countries having been heavily involved and having sustained some actual damage. In these circumstances arises a need for an entity that would "police the globe". Not Europe, not even Africa, but the whole world. So who or what in this day and age is able to perform such complicated a task?

Bypassing the aforementioned question and all related discussions, the USA seem to have single-handedly assumed this role and are going out of their way to prove to the world that they are the best for the job. Does the world need that? That is an entirely different topic. We can speculate all we want about how evil, bent and corrupt the USA government is and has been since WW2, but the reality is that the world needs a Policeman and no country but the USA, at present, possesses adequate resources and capacity to control each and every corner of the Earth. The fact that Uncle Sam has tagged an entire "no-one-but-us" (pun intended) agenda along with performing policeman duties is obvious and logical; it is the price we pay for "security and stability".

I would also like to reiterate that the issue of the USA being a bully and not a policeman is actually well beyond the scope of this article. The shortcomings of the present situation are quite obvious to everyone, and millions of people will die and would have died regardless of whose flag sits atop the world. The UN was dead at birth and thus is not capable of preserving world peace and stability when things get really hot, and there is no other country but the US that is capable of being the world policeman, be it the proverbial bad or good cop.