Hi All,

I've been teaching English for about 5 years now, but sometimes I come across something I just fail to understand. Having been raised in the U.S. (CA), I'm rather accustomed to the English that was used there and at times I'm baffled by other forms and usage.

There are some things I've come to understand and I am now used to, such as "the government are/have" instead of "the government is/has," but there are still quite a few mysteries yet to be solved.

A couple of days ago I noticed the following in Cambridge's Proficiency Masterclass book: "...the drugs trade..."

Now, I'd say "the drug trade" just as I would say a five-year-old car since the word preceding the noun is an adjective.

Perhaps someone from the UK can explain to me why "the drugs trade" is used in the book. Are both forms okay?

Thanks in advance.