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The importance of system maintenance activities

“Informatization of General Education Schools of the Republic of Uzbekistan” project shall contain following purposes;

1) The project shall make the improvement of the education quality through effective use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in schools. Besides, the project shall stimulate to develop a common information education environment in basic education via provision of computer equipment to schools.

2) The project scope includes the procurement and installation of PC, related equipments, and the CDMEP system which produces and distributes e-learning materials students at 1551 schools within Uzbekistan territory.

The maintenance service is a vital matter since elements related to a fundamental problem can be solved by appropriate maintenance service as both stable operation and utilization of the system are necessary to achieve the project goal.

Systematic approach for on-site maintenance service

The maintenance service, which contains equipment management, repair, restore, and etc, are composite procedures in order to keep the best condition of the system operation. Therefore, the supplier will efficiently and systematically handle maintenance jobs which is appeared when this project is developed, and the supplier will provide the best maintenance service to handle an unexpected defect immediately through creating a separate organization for the system maintenance based on post-warranty service within certain period of time and scheduling particular activities plans

The computers and accessories will be procured with three-year comprehensive warranty covering on-site maintenance inclusive of labour and spares. Other equipment will carry one-year warranty, unless specially provided for in the Work order to the Executing Agency.

VI.2. Warranty and Maintenance plan & schedule
VI.2.1. Detailed Activity Plan
VI.2.1.1. Maintenance strategy

Procure associated spare parts

The time for procuring the spare parts and the system recovery will be minimize by procuring equipments and associated spare parts which is supplied to a maintenance organization located in each target region

Nationwide Operation of Maintenance Organization

In order to do a prompt response for a defect, a maintenance organization located in each target region including help-desk will be formed, and a network of emergency communication is also created to serve maintenance service all the time.

In addition, maintenance web site will be run for requesting about system uses and checking a progress status of a defect, meanwhile relative technical data is shared in the web site.

Prompt Maintenance Service to Minimize Recovery Time

To minimize system recovery time, the supplier will provide a network of emergency communication, handling measures for each defect, and an emergency measure list against a defect.

The supplier shall establish for a defect preparation followings;
1) Establish emergency recovery system for the members
2) Establish the countermeasures
3) Prepare and distribute an emergency measure list

VI.2.1.2. Scope of warranty and maintenance Warranty and Maintenance

Scope of warranty and maintenance will be limited only for computers, other hardware (including peripherals), and standard software delivered by the supplier while the supplier is performing the task. Besides, supporting details are largely divided as recovery activities for a defect and system upgrades. Scope and technical support details of each item shall be followed below conditions:

Maintenance target

Products, computing hardware of ECC and CDMEP and other electronic learning equipments at ECC, supplied and installed by the supplier in accordance with Technical Requirement of Bid Document Section VI.

Maintenance activities

Maintenance activities: upkeep of equipment by finding a defect reason within the warranty period at supplier’s cost.

Free maintenance activities by finding a defect reason during warranty period

Software upgrade: all new versions, releases, and updates of Standard Software, related documentation and technical support services, and software re-installation when hardware environments are changed.

Preventive measures: free preventive measures to make better system maintenance service and system credibility

Followings are not included in warranty and maintenance:
Exclusion subject of warranty and maintenance

1) Defects due to a purchaser’s purpose or natural disaster

2) The system has a negative influence by modifications, additions, and adjustments via third party, not approved by the supplier.

3) The supplier will make a decision through a discussion with the purchaser when additional new requirement except current system features is raised even if it is in the free warranty period.

<Maintenance support system>

VI.2.1.3. System and procedure of maintenance organization
To support stable warranty and maintenance service, the supplier shall create a help desk, maintenance team, and technical support team belonging to each regional technical support center. Detail procedures of the maintenance shall be defined to give an effective and prompt support for a defect within warranty period.

Separate team organization for stable maintenance
The service center shall be established for maintenance in both Uzbekistan and Korea, and the supplier shall divide in four parts to cover entire Uzbekistan territory. For each part, a help desk, a technical support team shall be created to support system operation.
Task assigning for each maintenance part

VI.2.1.4. Maintenance schedule

VI.2.2. Warranty Policy

The mechanism for maintenance of the computers and other equipment

1) The computers and accessories will be procured with three-year comprehensive warranty covering on-site maintenance inclusive of labour and spares. Other equipment will carry one-year warranty, unless specially provided for in the Work order to the Executing Agency.
2) After the warranty period, maintenance service will be provided by the Executing Agency or manufacturer on Annual Maintenance Contract, on case-to-case basis or other arrangement to be worked out by the Executing Agency.
3) To meet the cost of post-warranty maintenance of computers etc., the schools should raise revenue by introducing computer fees in the school, conducting of additional training courses outside school hours, and conducting training course during summer/ winter vacation periods for students as well as public.

* Detail compliance of warranty of supplied H/W and S/W is referred at Appendix 6. Technical responsiveness checklist technical requirement.

Task assigning for each maintenance part

Country Organization Unit Role
Uzbekistan Maintenance Head Quarter Contract management about entire maintenance task related on this project
SVC Center • Overall maintenance task management for each help desk belonging to each region
• Grasp both maintenance problem and improvement detail
• Accumulation of defect records for each help desk belonging to each region
Tech Support Team • Maintenance skill support for each help desk belonging to each region
• Technical support for server equipment and server operating technology
• Optimization of the system software
• Operation support of the system software
Help Desk • User requests receipt and management
• Implementation of project defect maintenance
• Management of defect records
• Management of maintenance staff and schedule
Korea SVC Center • Communication with Uzbekistan SVC center
• Technical support of maintenance for each region in Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan SVC Center
Maintenance Support Team Communication between the supplier and the maintenance support team
Tech Support Team • Technical support for entire system operation
• Technical support for Uzbekistan technical support team

Human Resource Utilization

In the conduct of this project, the supplier has set an operation plan including a ground rule to utilize Uzbekistan domestic labor forces. Especially, one hundred percent domestic labor force in Uzbekistan shall be utilized for maintenance service.

Help desk

*Receipt service request
* Defect management
*Customer communication channel

Emergency Maintenance

*Analysis the reason of a defect and troubleshooting

Technical Support

*Technical support to increase the system performance

Support Education

*education al support to teach how users can handle each defect