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Thread: to be used to ?

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    to be used to ?

    Dear Teachers,

    1) I used to love a man like crazy three years ago.
    2) I used to have three girlfriends when I was in the fourth grade.

    Which sentence is grammatically right ?

    Thanks very much.

    Best regards.

    Tuan Nguyen Manh.

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    Re: to be used to ?

    In my opinion, both are correct. In this case "used to" means "once" and that action no longer exists in this time being. Meanwhile "to be used to" means "to get accustomed to"..
    You're from VN, rite? If so, shake hand my comrade. :))

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    Re: to be used to ?

    I agree with Carillon. Out of interest, why did you think one was wrong?

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