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Thread: distributives

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    Question distributives

    Dear teachers,

    1) I've just read something about 'distributive determiners'. This following example is given:
    'Every fourth house has a garage.'
    ...I'm now wondering if we could replace the ordinal with a cardinal number and say: 'every four houses has a garage.' (?)

    2) Same with :'every three weeks' and 'every third week.' ...are they interchangeable (?)

    3) Plus, 'I read one every 2 pages of my book' ...doesn't sound right to me does it makes sense to you?

    Waiting for your clarifications!

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    Re: distributives

    1- That makes it sound as if four houses share the garage, so it changes the meaning.
    2- No, 'every third week' would be over a fixed period of time, while 'every three weeks' is not restricted.
    3- Makes no sense to me.

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