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    Exclamation terms

    Hello my dear masters,
    May i ask you to help me with these terms...
    I have seen them in movies and i want to know what do they Mean?...Any other term which has a meaning close to them?

    1) I`m a man of few words,but those words will counts.
    2) How you making out?
    3) What`s your stand?
    4) He has been sniffing around her.
    5) Smart thinking.
    6) We have been ratted out.
    7) Did you do time together as children?

    All the best.

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    Re: terms

    1. My speech is pithy, succinct.
    2. How are you doing (on this project)? Are you succeeding?
    3. What is your position/attitude (on this issue)?
    4. He is interested in her.
    5. An intelligent decision.
    6. We have been discovered?-- ('Ratted on' means informed upon / our secrets revealed.)
    7. Did you go to prison together (as children?!)-- 'do time' means be inprisoned, but this must be a jocular use of the idiom: perhaps they went to the same rigid elementary school?


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