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    Default Indonesian-Malaysian and other - rolling 'R'

    Hi all,

    Raised in Malaysia and Indonesia, I speak with so-called 'rolling' R

    Is this so-called 'rolling' R understandable for native speaker ear ?

    Do I need to pull my tongue and move forward my lips to make authentic R in order to sound more native ?


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    Default Re: Indonesian-Malaysian and other - rolling 'R'

    Why do you want to stick in rolling R when you know how to pronounce English R?
    Yes, native speakers will understand you if that was all your goal but keep in mind some people will think you are less intelligent or less educated if you speak with a non-european accent and they will judge you even worse if you make a grammatical mistake every 2 or 3 sentences.
    I wasn't paying attention to my accent. I was just speaking the way I grew up with until I met a native speaker who treated me as a crap and since that time I read many things about phonetics and accents and am still trying to sound a native or at least neutral.
    If you don't know how to pronounce English r then don't roll your r's so much. I have no idea how a malaysian r sounds. However, in Arabic we roll once but other languages like Indian or spanish put emphasis on r's and it sounds like rrrrr

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