Learning is a spesific subject for people. Some people learn better from experience some people learn better from book. In my opinion, the best way to learning is getting experience. My arguments for this point are listed as follows.
First of all, information from books depents on author's view. For instance, I went to United States two years ago. Before I went I had read a travelling book. I do not remember author's name. He expressed his opinions about Manhattan and I created imagination for Manhattan to authors view. But when I went there I saw that Manhattan was very different place and I did not belive that situation.
Second, we can forget informations which we learn from books. Because, books can not affect us as well as experiences. We can know theorically but sometimes we may forget them. Also, we can not truly before go or see, However, we can not know some historical informations but for instance, if we go that historical place, the informations come our mind easily and ew realized them
In conclusion, books give us just theroical informations, if we want to know or to get experience we should live them.