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    Post Uncountable nouns

    I cheese countable or uncountable?
    In some cases, people say," can i please have two cheese?"
    In other cases, people say," can i please have some cheese?"
    Which is correct?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Uncountable nouns

    The noun 'cheese' (in common with a number of nouns denoting food/drink items) is essentially noncount, but can be used as a countable noun with the meaning 'a kind of...'.

    Thus, we can say e.g.

    On this table you will find cheeses from all over the world.

    (= types/kinds of cheese...)

    The wines of France are among the best in Europe.

    This is a Columbian coffee, noted for its aromatic flavour.

    However, when we are referring not to varieties but simply to quantities of the items in question, the noncount form must be used together with an appropriate quantifier, e.g. two pieces of cheese, three litres of wine, etc.

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