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    Default being ignorant of being

    dear teacher,
    what is the correct usage of the word "being". I have heard that being could be used as a gerund(when we are talk about some adjective). can we use this in a participle phrase also). With how many structures and phrases, we can use this word.
    please answer me

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    Default Re: being ignorant of being

    A rather broad question, Zaffar, and I doubt I can remember all its uses, but being does appear as a gerund (as subject)--

    Being happy is an important goal of life--

    and as the object of a preposition--

    I was castigated for being happy--

    and in nonfinite participial clauses--

    Being happy, I failed to notice the 18-wheeler bearing down on me.--

    as well as a simple present participle--

    I am not being facetious--

    ...and in book titles--

    The Unbearable Lightness of Being.


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