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    Please help me with those between brackets

    They usually didn't (lose their marbles over me) when I was wearing my royal blue parka and yellow (elephant) bell-bottoms.

    1) cornfield
    2) cornstalks
    3) ec class
    4) chem club


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    Re: meaning

    They usually didn't (lose their marbles over me) when I was wearing my royal blue parka and yellow (elephant) bell-bottoms.

    To lose your marbles... old, not common.. to go crazy, to get very upset

    Bell bottoms... blue jeans that are very large near your feet

    Elephant bell bottoms: bell bottom jeans with LOTS and LOTS of space, of cloth near your feet.

    1) cornfield

    A farm, a field, area, where you grow the plant CORN

    2) cornstalks

    The plant CORN grows very tall, straight and thin. This part is called the cornstalk.

    3) ec class

    Maybe you mean Home Ec Class?
    "Home Economics"... the business of running a home, how to cook food, how to clean a house, how to wash clothes, how to raise children...everything about running a home, a house.

    Girls in high school can take a class about all those things... to learn to be a good wife, a good mother.. it is called Home Economics or Home Ec.

    4) chem club

    Chemistry Club... the students at school who like Chemistry can come together after school and study Chemistry together... they can group together in a "club".... a school might have a Chess Club, a Theater Club, a Chemistry Club... or Chem Club.

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    Re: meaning

    To lose your marbles is to go insane. This is usually in the figurative sense. Thus, this sentence means ...they didn't fall madly in love with me when I was wearing...

    Elephant bells is a type of bell-bottom pants that were popular in the late 1960s. They had an enormous bell-shaped flare at the bottom of the trouser leg. I had several pairs.

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