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    Default The correct use of the modifier

    Hi teacher,
    1)Someone told me that "plenty of " can only be used to express the amount of "uncount nouns." Is this true. can't we use it with "count nouns" too, to express their numbers.
    please reply, what other modifiers we can use both with "count" and "uncount" nouns to show their number and quantity repectively.
    2)During the conversation class, I asked my fellow student to borrow me a pen. The sentence that i used was that " It will be helpful of yours, if you bring me a pen. Now I am in doubt whether I said it wrong or right. I think that the correct words should be " It will be great help of yours" or " you will be helpful, if...." Please clarify this.

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    Default Re: The correct use of the modifier

    In the UK, you will definitely here people using 'plenty' with both count and mass nouns, though some prefer it to be used only with mass nouns. We can use a lot of/lots of/ loads of with both count and mass nouns.
    You should have asked your classmate to lend you a pen:
    Could you lend me a pen?
    Could I borrow a pen?
    In some regions, people say 'borrow me a pen', but this would be considered incorrect in standard English. The 'it would be helpful of you if you could lend me a pen' structure doesn't sound natural to me, just use could/would to show politeness and say please- asking for a pen isn't a major favour.

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