If I were asked what trait of character is the most striking about me, I would say thatís my ability to take challenges. One may say that it is not worth speaking about, but I think that in our changing word with it unsteady economy and dangerous social clashes, this quality can be called one of the most valuable things. I like to try new things and Iím not afraid to participate in different areas of life.
I remember when I studied at school we had classes called ďManagement EngineeringĒ, which taught us, teenagers, to take an active position in life, work or social activities, to be able to manage risks and overcome them and finally to make real aims and use effective strategies to reach them in order to subsequently conquer new heights. A lot of time passed, but that subject became the most memorable thing about my school education. Afterwards I became a huge fan of Shedrovitskij and Ruts, famous USSR Methodists, whose publications about effective management strategies and techniques put a great impact on my further development and I tried to put some of their methods in life. During my university years I was a representative of Student Union and I did my best to enrich the studentsí lives though organizing interesting extracurricular sport and science activities, charity events and assisting in the development of student educational and travel programs.
That time Iíve already understood that the huge problem of our society is inequality or unwillingness of our leaders to look around, find out and analyze the source of urgent public problems. Being a witness of election campaigns in Regional Soviet of Peopleís Deputies which will take place in a month, every day I see huge banners with photos of candidates and delegations of people asking to vote for their candidate, but what I donít see is what these candidates do right now. I think it is not so difficult to promise to do something, but it worth a lot of courage and smartness to start to act right now.
And now I should ask myself, am I differ from these people who simply vaporize, but do nothing? I want to believe that I have some advantage. First of all Iím young and it is easier for me to learn, find disadvantages and make changes in a system Iím not still used to. Second, despite the fact I am just 22, Iím proud of the level of education I received. I studied in the most prestigious school in my city and one on my teacher was a man, who takes an active part in establishing social policy of my region. Then, I received diversified education at university; though my major was philology and pedagogics, I succeed in writing few publications about significant features of American public discourse and my thesis ďEuphemisms as a Mean of Expressing Ideological Appraisal in Public DiscourseĒ was recommended by university educational board for further PhD research and it was a great honor for me. I suppose that deep analysis of public discourse made me curios about public sector and problems if faces nowadays. Being currently involved in financial sector I could say that the shortage of money often prevent promising individuals to reach their goals and this, effectively, slows down the development of the society. Even now I try to use and enhance management skills I acquired at school and university by making my own contribution and increasing the effectiveness of consumer crediting sector Iím currently employed now. Third, Iím proud that I have the opportunity to be among brilliant candidates of Public Policy and Management program at Carnegie Mellon University. I think that my country needs a new generation of young and ambitious policy makers, who will be able to analyze and accurately estimate urgent social problems as well as find effective means of interaction of public and private sector. And I want to be among the people who can make these changes, but first, I need to systematize and enhance my knowledge of public policy management. Thatís why I perceive studying the public policy program as preparing my board to ride this wave of change.
In conclusion I would like to say that my desire to study in one of the most recognized universities was a matter of the high priority for me during the last few years and only recently I got to know that it is possible to apply for a scholarship, which can fully or partly cover study and tuition expenses. Unfortunately I do not earn enough to be able to pay for education myself and thatís why I want to apply for an additional scholarship. It will be a great honor for me to be recognized by the admission board as a worth candidate. For my part I can promise that I will do my best to contribute to widely known excellence of your university.


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