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    1)I got to go, Mr. Harvey. This is a cool place, but I have to go."
    (He stood up and did his hunchback number by the six dug- in steps that led to the world.)<= what does this mean? "I don't know why you think you're leaving."

    2)After this he said, "You're very pretty, Susie."
    "Thanks," I said,( even though he gave me what my friend Clarissa and I had dubbed the skeevies.)<= what does it mean?

    3)What is technical term for any creature with a soft body that isn't divided into different sections? (I found "mollusk" but it's for those which usually have a hard outer shell)

    5)Donít let me go belly-up

    6)You are speaking upset stomach

    thanks a lot

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    Re: meaning7

    You sure do like to read a lot of idiomatic English! Good for you.

    1. ...did his hunchback number... Walked in a bent-over manner. (hunchback is some sort of spinal deformity sometimes called humpback, number means show or performance) dug-in steps steps that were worn down by feet, or were cut into the side of an incline. the world that led to the world outside.

    2. Skeevies creeps, disgusted feelings, goose flesh, nausea

    3.There may be a term for it, but I don't know it.

    4.Belly-uplike a dead fish in a fish bowl.

    5. You or something else is going to cause me to vomit.

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    Re: meaning7

    The Lovely Bones... sad, happy story... my daughter liked it, but it gave her nightmares for a year.

    I think I can help with #3:

    You are actually right about the mollusks; they often have hard shells, but some that live in water do not.

    Nematode, however, is the term I think you are looking for. Nematodes are never divided into sections, and always have a hard body.

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