Hello everyone,

I have potentially been offered a place on an intensive CELTA course in July, however I have also been accepted on a PGCE course in September. I am in two minds over which course to accept.

I would love to travel, and I see TEFL as a way to do this. However, I also see myself returning to this country (UK) in the long run. While I realise this is a personal decision only I can make, I would appreciate the input of experienced TEFL teachers.

How realistic is my idea to TEFL for, say, 2-5 years then return to the UK and be a 'mainstream' teacher (doing the PGCE when I return). Or would I be better doing the PGCE, become a qualified teacher then go abroad?

An other possibility would be to do the CELTA and the PGCE, the downside being I don't have the money yet and it will cost over £5,000. As I am a recent graduate with no full time job, this may not be an option.

Another quesiton is how is the TEFL job market in the UK - I have only seen a handful of job opportunities advertised. Is this something that will be realistically limited to overseas?

Finally, for those who have been a TEFL teacher for a few years, then returned and gone into a job that isn't teaching related, I would like to know how they used their TEFL experience to get the job they now have (if that makes sense).

Many thanks for your time and input.