Hi everyone:

I have been giving private English lessons to a couple of siblings two times per week for a little over a year now, and for the summer their parents want me to start going every day, sort of as an intensive course.

Problem is, I'm running short of material! For the little girl I have no problem, as she is just 7 and I still haven't covered most things with her, but her brother, who is 11 or 12 and about to start high school, has a pretty good level for his age and I have already taugh him most typical vocabulary children his age have to learn (jobs, science, the space, etc). Grammar-wise, we have covered up to the future tense, and he can recognize and successfully translate conditionals as well. I am starting to teach him irregular and phrasal verbs now, but it is becoming harder and harder to find worksheets and materials on the internet that are both appropiate for his level and good for children.

Long story short, I would like to purchase a good book or textbook for we to follow on the summer since I won't have time to find new material for him on a daily basis. Do you have any ideas? I have looked at a few books on Amazon, but it is hard to decide without being able to look inside them, as many teaching books are made for working with a class with many children, not for private lessons. Do you know of any books containing a good number of worksheets with reading and writing exercises?

Thanks in advance!