Dear teachers,

Here is another problem I'm faced with would you please help me sort it out?

How would you analize the following:

Example 1: I gave my sister a cat for her birthday.

Parsing (correct ?):

I = subject
gave = ditransitive verb
my sister = indirect object
a cat = direct object
for her birthday = adverbial of purpose / time ?

Example 2: I gave a cat to my sister.

I = subject
gave = complex-transitive verb
a cat = direct object
to my sister = adverbial (??)

The pattern SVOdOi doesn't exist, doest it? (cf. Greenbaum & Quirk)
How do you pronounce "Greenbaum"? /gri:nbaum/ or /gri:nbɔchemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />>>:m/ ?

Example 3: The senator asked a question of the Supreme Court Justice.

The senator = Subject
asked = Ditransitive verb or Complex-transitive verb ?
a question = Direct Object
of the Supreme Court Justice = Indirect Object or Adverbial ??

and if of the Supreme Court of Justice was an adverbial it would be an adverbial of what?

Thank you for your help.