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    Default "to be home" vs "to be at home"


    Is there any chance that "to be home" or "I'm home" instead of "at hom" could be correct (written English and/or spoken English)?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: "to be home" vs "to be at home"

    Hello Constantinos

    In British English, you say "I'm home" when you have just arrived home.

    For instance, you might call someone, after a journey, to say that you've arrived home safely:

    1. I just called to say I'm home!

    You use "at home" for any other situation:

    2. I'm at home today.
    3. Is there anyone at home?
    4. "Where's your husband?" "Oh, I left him at home."

    I don't know whether it's different in American English, though.


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