Dear Bart,

Many thanks for your recent letter.

Glad to hear that you are in a project. Iím going to try to help you about where people from my country usually go, and what they do.

The Catalan usually go abroad, we are very adventurous. There is an idiom in Catalan that reflects this point and it says that all around the world youíll find a Catalan.
Where we most usually go in winter is to the Alps, Pyrenees and European Capitals and in summer to the Italian coast, French Coast or Balearic Islands. Truly, like I said at first, we travel around the world and we havenít a typical place to go but, sure, we travel more around the countries that we have near like France and Italy.

Oh, and another thing, Iím travelling around UK and I expect, to be in London the next week. I want to see you and watch some musicals.
The holiday are being so good and Iím doing lots of things, like climbing and trekking in Wales and Iím tasting a lot of different cookingís, Indian, Italian, American and Fish and chips!

I wish you good luck with your project and I expect to be with you the next week.

Best wishes,

Mr. Potato