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    your potential , our passion

    what does the followin g saying mean ?

    ( your potential , our passion )

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    Re: your potential , our passion

    This is Microsoft's slogan. "Microsoft. Your potential. Our passion." It means that it is Microsoft's passion to help you, or any person, acheive their potential. Hope this helps.

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    Re: your potential , our passion

    'Your Potential, Our Passion' more sound like a slogan. podlesni is right.
    Just reverse the words, can we think about an organisation which fits that slogan well:
    Your Passion, Our Potential: May be this forum itself. can describe itself.
    Make sense / Nonsense.

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    Re: your potential , our passion

    I think Microsoft have the better version- it makes more sense for people to care about their customers' potential.

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