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Thread: dapple senility

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    dapple senility

    Recently a famous actor here called Jun Negami died.
    His wife Peggy Hayama, a famous singer, was
    talking about her husband on TV a few days ago.
    She said MADARA BOKE. It was the first time I heard
    the word, but I could easily figure out the meaning.
    MADARA is 'dapple', 'mottle' or 'spots' according to
    my dictionary. I think MADARA sometimes means 'not
    constant'. BOKE is senility. Thus 'inconsistent
    senility'. He knows things quite well now, but in
    twenty minutes he is quite senile. But soon OK.
    Some thing like that I think. Do you have a term
    for that? inconsistent senility
    Thank you.

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    Re: dapple senility

    How about...
    "intermittently senile" (madara boke?)
    "going senile" (boketsutsu)
    "partially senile" (nakaba boke?)
    "a bit potty" (yaya boketeiru)

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