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Thread: Say and Tell

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    Say and Tell

    Whats the best way to explain to someone the difference between say and tell please.
    thankyou as always tony

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    Re: Say and Tell

    I simply would say that "tell" needs an object proun and "say" doesn't, but if you want to add one you have to put first "to". examples:
    I told you not to go
    I said something to you

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    Re: Say and Tell

    Additionally, both "say" and "tell" mean to utter words, but "tell" also means to use those words to give someone information about something. That's why "tell" is used to tell time.

    EX: Can you tell me the time? (i.e., Give me that information)
    EX: Tell me your name. (i.e., Give me that information)
    EX: I can tell by the clouds that it's going to rain. (i.e., the clouds gave me that information.)
    EX: She told me to stay home. (i.e., she gave me information, a command)
    EX: I can't tell what she'd doing. (i.e., there's no information for me to give)

    All the best.

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