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    help plese

    Why is Jefferson's list of self-evident truths effective in the Declaration of Independence? A. It helps his audience understand him.
    B. It restates beliefs people already have.
    C. It tells people about Jefferson's beliefs.
    D. It outlines a new vision of freedom.

    Where does Paine use charged words in these examples from The Crisis, Number 1? A. He says he has “little superstition.”
    B. He says it does not matter “what rank of life you hold.”
    C. He says “Tyranny” is like “Hell.”
    D. He says men know the difference between “temper” and “principle.”
    Which statement below is the best paraphrase of this line from “To My Dear and Loving Husband”? If ever man were lov’d by wife, then thee. A. Love seemed foolish to me until I met you.
    B. You love me more than any other husband could love his wife.
    C. I love you more than any other wife could love her husband.
    D. I love you more now than when we got married.

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    Re: help plese

    We don't do assignments or homework.

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