Hi guys!

My name is Lori Syme and I am currently studying for my Post Graduate Certificate in Further and Higher Education. I am very passionate about EFL teaching so I am basing my research on the subject :) I'm here because I would very much appreciate some participation from other EFL teachers for my Action Research Project.

Last summer I worked with a mixed class of Chinese and Turkish students. The Turkish students seemed to be much more confident with the material which seemed to intimidate the Chinese students, meaning they shied away from class participation. I want to be sure that in the future, no student feels neglected or intimidated, and that all students feel confident enough to work together to form new knowledge.

So my topic is: how do I improve cooperative learning between students of mixed backgrounds?

What I'd like to know from you guys, is:

Have you ever encountered any problems encouraging foreign language students to engage in activities?

If so, what do you think the problem was?

What did you do to rectify the problem?

Any info that anyone is willing to share would be greatly appreciated as it would really fuel my research :)