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    Default Correcy a half page ?

    Hey guys,
    I am a boy from Denmark who is applying for this event/job.
    The "problem" is that is has to be in english.

    I am not bad in grammar, but I found trouble formulating myself in englsh.
    Therefore; Is there any sweet soul to there who would correct my english? It is a half page actually..
    I would appreciate it a lot.
    I don't feel comfortable to post it here, but I prefer it by e-mail.

    I hope someone will, because I have to send it soon.

    From Adam.

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    Default Re: Correcy a half page ?

    (not teacher)
    Hi Adam, I am about to leave this page. However, I think I should leave my comment in regarding to something that may help you.

    Dear teacher, (Say "Dear teachers" or at least don't say anything, but never say "Hey guys").
    I am from Denmark who is applying for a job. ( It is a good sentense. I understand and I believe everyone understand. When your English has improve, you will write better. But never say "I am a boy" because..... teachers are not discriminate against gender (I can't find a good way to explain that, thanks for understanding.)
    "I don't feel comfortable to post it here, but I prefer to email it" ( Post it here so teachers can help you. If you feel you are threated or you feel Mr.??? is not nice to you, you can report Mr.???.

    I rewrite your request for you.

    Dear teacher,
    I am from Denmark. I need to write a letter to apply for a job and the letter has to be written in English. I am bad in grammar and I have a trouble writing English too. If there is anyone (I am not a sweet soul yet) could correct my English. It is (will be) a half pages of writing. I wpuld appreciate it very much.
    I don't feel comfortable to post it here (PLEASE POST IT HERE),but I prefer to post it by email.
    I hope someone will help me because I have to send it soon (If you post here, someone will help you).

    Thank you,

    Please edit my comment if inappropriate.

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