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    Cool Gotta get, gotta have/ got to get and so on...-

    what difference is it between those phrases?
    also i wonder if one can say
    "got to get up that list of doing", -its supposed to be lyrics and i know it sounds a little weird with "doing" in the end but its referring to putting up a list(on your wall for example) a to-dolist

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    Default Re: Gotta get, gotta have/ got to get and so on...-

    "Got to" is the same as "gotta" it's just that native speakers rarely pronounce both words in "got to". So we write it as "gotta" to make the reader imaging how it's being said. Basically, there is no difference.
    I think your lyrics phrase is fine. You have a lot of poetic licence when in this regard. However, you might consider "gotta put up that list of doing" if it fits with the music.

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