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Thread: arrive to/at ?

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    arrive to/at ?

    Hi all
    I want to know which preposition should be used after "arrive".
    For example " I arrived late to/at work".

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    Re: arrive to/at ?

    At, in your example, in BrE. We would say "I arrived at work late" (not "I arrived late at work").

    There is more than one possible preposition after "to arrive" though.

    I arrived at work.
    I arrived at the hospital.
    I arrived in London.
    I arrived in India.
    I arrived home.
    I arrived at 5pm.
    I arrived between 4pm and 5pm.
    I arrived on the dot of 5pm.
    I arrived around 5pm.
    I arrived by car.
    I arrived on foot.
    I arrived by bus.

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