Hello everybody. I'm a new member to this forum, and hope to continue posting here. From what I've seen here so far I've found it enjoyable. To cut it short, I'm a 1st year Uni student studying a Bachelor of Education, with English as a major. My current essay is causing me some grief, since I'm not the best on this type of topic.

The essay topic needs to revolve around this point:

Chaucer always takes an interest in clothes and adornments of dress, not just in the 'General Prologue' but in the tales.
Select a number of characters from the 'General Prologue' and the 'Miller's Tale' (probably at least five) and discuss what we learn about their attire and what it reveals about their personalities.
And these are the points that I've selected so far in regards to the topic.

Discuss how he uses their appearance to describe their own personality.
Break down 4-5 characters describing what type of appearance Chaucer portrays them in, and his intended use for certain design.
How he uses their personal dress to set their stature in the fictitious society and how it helps to create them as characters. IE Habbits/emotions (arrogant etc)
For now I'm trying to select enough points to talk about (Total essay is 2,000 words) In large, the essay writing I'm capable of doing, but selecting what to talk about can be very problematic for me.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions :)