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    Default British accents: Mr Baldrick vs Mr Blackadder

    Dear Teachers

    Sorry to bother you. I would like to know the two British accents in the following clip (in the first 15 secs)

    Fight in the Dormitory - Blackadder - BBC - YouTube

    One is Mr Baldrick (I believe, black gown), other is Mr Blackadder (I purple gown)

    I can tell there is a difference, but I have no idea which regions their English accents belong to. As a Chinese, should I follow the accent of Mr Baldrick or Mr Blackadder, or none of both?

    Please advise.


    Anthony the learner

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    Default Re: British accents: Mr Baldrick vs Mr Blackadder

    I wouldn't use Blackadder as a pronunciation guide- it's a comedy and uses funny voices quite a bit.

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