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Unfortunately, software upgrades don't please everybody. This one gives a leaner, cleaner look, but it does that at the expense of displaying all the information available. However, it is just one click, and there are other clues.One thing about software is that you end up being forced to upgrade- if not, you end with with an unsupported version that breaks down and stops working. I'm afraid that's the nature of the beast.
Perhaps the Member Info button (or link or whatever it's called) could be made more prominent? It's blue on a blue background, and it's dominated by the member type info ("newbie" and the like) which is black and in bold. I think it would be much more noticeable if it were on the right-hand side, with the join date and the number of posts. If it's impossible to place it there, perhaps it could be in bold instead of the member type info?