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    Masfer Guest

    Brackets or parentheses ???

    Are the brackets and the parentheses the same? I use it indistinctively but I don't really know whether it is right.
    Let's check some expressions:
    [ ] : Square brackets
    {}: Braces/Curly brackets (I prefer the first one)
    ( ) : brackets/parentheses
    < >: angular brackets

    Any suggestion ?

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    That looks good to me.


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    Masfer Guest


    Ok! I've asked this because a friend of mine told me that parentheses and brackets were different. I asked him what the difference was but he couldn't say anything


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    Phrases between commas can be said to be in parenthesis.

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    Masfer Guest
    Phrases between commas can be said to be in parenthesis
    Really? In Spanish we canīt say that, but I suppose that if you write something in parentheses, you can also write it between commas.

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