(source: Iceberg Slim – Pimp, The Story of my life)

Now I met a section containing two words that I cannot decode in their place. It reads:

”If they got N. Pimps in the outer space, he’s the best of them too. He’s gonna take them whores into the ’Roost’ and ’pop’ some. He’s lugging twenty ’G’s’ in his ’raise’ Ain’t no heist man crazy enough to stick him up though.”

(quotation marks as in original)


Slim as a newcomer in Chicago and a local man are watching Sweet Jones (the black pimp king in the city) entering a bar (the Roost). The local man tells some words about Sweet Jones to Slim, emphasizing how big is the pimp king and how much money he brings with him.

So, what do the words ’pop’ and ’raise’ mean in the quoted section?