It's a Friday afternoon, everybody in the office is busy packed up things to went home. And I knew some others of my officemate had a friday's night out on the bar.

ofcourse on that day, I had a plan also to went to the dermaclinic for my monthly facial cleaning. When I was there in the lobby, I asked the receptionist if what is the best facial for me. She told me that they have a dermatologist inside on their clinic for free consultation.

So, I went straight ahead to the clinic for consultation. When I was their, I asked the dermatologist for what the best skin product that suite for me. And on the nice way, she answered me all the questions that I aked for.

After, the staff assist me to their operating room for my facial session. The ambiance inside is so relaxing and refreshing. I felt so relaxed.
Then, during the actual facial session, there's a time I asked the nurse to stop, because i felt so pain, really.

But time goes on, and the session is already done. I felt so relieved. Although there's a little bit pain, but I caassistn handle it.
I'm contented the result, the pain is worth it.