(source: Iceberg Slim – Pimp, The story of my life)

The section that contains the expression:

”Shit, if you stripped and searched all of ’em you wouldn’t find a C note. They ain’t nothing but square hosewives. They sick of that half-ass screwing at home. They laying to swindle chump Nixxers outta their youth.”


Slim starts a conversation with Glass Top -one of the best-known pimps in the city- in a bar. (both Slim and Glass Top are Afro-Americans) A group of white ladies draws their attention with overtly libidinous and seductive behavior. Glass Top –as an experienced pimp- teaches Slim that they are surely not whores (ie. not the kind of women they are interested in) but simple housewives who are not satisfied with their sexual life at home and thus they come here to ’swindle chump black men outta their youth’

Could someone explain me what does this expression mean here?