It's a letter of complaint for a concert.
Would you please correct my mistakes?

Dear Mr Wilden,
I am writing to complain about the Fairplay concert which was organized on Saturday night. I went to the concert and I consider it to have been a major failure.

First of all, when we arrived there the people in the front rows stood up and blocked our view, wich meant we couldn`t see the band very well. The concert started one hour later than advertised so we have bored an hour looking how the sound system was installed who during the interval it was very bad. Moreover ,the air-conditioning system was not working and because of smoke effects five of the people standing on the front rows have/had? needed medical care.

Secondly, looking at your ad and buying tickets which were really very expensive , we expected seating, wich for our suprise has not happened .Finally ,to make matters whorse,the concert finished half an hour early and because to the support act who we had to listen about thirty minutes , the Fairplay were only on stage for an hour. I can`t believe something like this was happened.

It`s obvious that the seats were overpriced and you have not followed the concert program like in your ad. Because of these things, wich really have disappointed me, I would expect to a refund in full or at least send me a voucher for a free ticket to the next concert you promote.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Your sincerely, Tods