Brilliant people are not who know how to do the job with the limited skills, but the ones always try learning something new to contribute to the work. People mindset can be classified into two. One is fixed mindset and the other one is growing mindset. People with a fixed mindset always think their knowledge is enough for everything and never try learning new things or want to listen from others. As a result, they never get an opportunity to be succeed in their life. On the other hand, growing mindset people always try learning new things and keen to take feedback, advise from others on their performance. They always looking for a new challenges and opportunities.

In video games, once we familiar with one level we move to the next level, when you move to another you earns more points. Otherwise you would not be able to finished the mission . It is much the same in the real world if we want to succeed in our life it is important to improve our skills and take new challenges. This will lead to be brilliant.