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    help 2nd

    analyse this sentences according to experimential metafuntion.these sentence involes only material,mental,verbal and behavioral process

    the chunk commissar nodded
    ten SU-152scame over the ridge
    did you do this asked the colonel
    she typed out the buff envelope
    zhilin smiled thinly
    each of them had described the smiling american
    carey agreed
    the president was breathing in short grunts
    he loved penny very much
    the driver knew the road to the country dacha
    the door of the city hall had been smashed
    according to the black manifesto,they will be killed
    the manager protested about the invation of privacy
    nikolai could hardly hear him
    the scans worried him badly
    the father leaned foward with aworried frown
    macdonald narrated his story from the begining
    he shruged
    arthur dean recognised the feeling
    insult my country at your peril

    plz help thanks urgent

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    Re: help 2nd

    We don't do homework or assignments here.

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