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    Question Need Help with a lesson plan

    Dear Teacher

    I help the children at my daughters school in Germany. I am not a English teacher but willing to help these children with their English. The students I help are in the 11 class, (16 years) and they will write a test on: Present Participle, Past Participle and Having + Past Participle. If you could please help me...... with planning a Lesson Plan. I also believe children must have fun during a lesson, if you could also help me to bring some sort of fun in during this lesson it would be appreciated.

    Thanking you for your help and time.
    Estelle Harding

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    AlainK Guest

    Re: Need Help with a lesson plan

    What do you mean, doing, done, having done ?

    "Is" or "has" done ?

    He's (is) choosing a smiley...
    He's (has) chosen a smiley

    (1, then 2 : easy to find examples, pictures, role-plays, etc : same viewpoint, difference in time)

    He's choosing / he's chosen (is) : same time, difference of viewpoint, no prob to find activities

    Having chosen a first smiley, he decided to choose another one

    The pb is (to me), C can follow B, but not A, and A and B are different : I would try first to have them make the difference between A and B, then B and C, but A,B, and C at the same time is very confusing for sixteen year-olds... I feel "having + V-en" implies another verb ("D") which should be at a past tense, but there is no "D" in the forms that are supposed to be used, there's a lack of an essential element for these forms to be coherent when used together.

    My 2 euros worth...

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