"If you looked through the window youd think we were the perfect family but its tearing me apart. My friends say I should kick him out and only then will he realise what splitting up really means, because at the moment hes having his cake and eating it."
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1- "Have your cake and eat it"
2- "Have cake and eat it too"

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Unfortunately for ESL students, we commonly truncate common idioms, proverbs, clichs etc, expecting listeners to finish them for themselves.

A: 'So many people have given me their advice I just don't know what to do.'

B: 'That's your problem: too many cooks....'

A: 'I'll just have to wait and see what happens.'

B: 'That'll be best. Don't count your chickens....'

Doesn't this happen in other languages?

Does dropping the adverb too right here as Rover said "expecting listeners to finish them for themselves" or it is an optional?