Hey guys can you please check this cover letter for me and give your opinion or even any corrections?!

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Jordan, Amman
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Friday January 04, 2013

Cardiff Metropolitan University

Cardiff CF24 0SP, United Kingdom

Dear Sirs,

In this letter I would like to express my interest in the EPIC student exchange program at Cardiff Metropolitan University. I am currently a Computer Science student in my third year of the Undergraduate studies at the University Of Jordan.

I have got really excited about this opportunity right after I watched the video about “Computing & Information Systems at Cardiff Met” online, it was like a dream to me to get involve in this tremendous course. I am also looking forward to to get the chance to experience life in a different culture which I find really interesting and hopefully I will improve personally and academically since Cardiff Met. is the right place for that.

Furthermore, technology has always been my passion and I’m willing to gain as much information as possible to enrich this desire. Knowing that I won’t be able to get what I aim for in my country is really frustrating so I hope to find it in yours.

Yours faithfully,
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