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    Default Soldier/ˈsoʊltər/ then /ˈsoʊldʒər/

    William: Hmmm, I know! In that clip we heard a soldier /ˈsoʊltər/telling his men to hold their horses before he started firing weapons.
    Li: But nowadays, I am guessing, you don't need to be a soldier
    /ˈsoʊlər/ to use this phrase, right?
    More: Learning English - The English We Speak - Hold your horses

    soldier (ˈsoʊlər )
    Checking many dictionaries havent helped me figure out the first pronunciation of the word soldier in that clip. It seems to me /ˈsoʊltər/. I don't say that this is a regional accent. Native English speakers will decide whether it voiceless stop /ˈsoʊltər/ or /ˈsoʊlər/ voiced alveopalatal affricate. Will you clear it up, please?

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    Default Re: Soldier/ˈsoʊltər/ then /ˈsoʊldʒər/

    It sounded to me like/ˈsəʊlə/
    Please do not edit your question after it has received a response. Such editing can make the response hard for others to understand.

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