I am going to ask two questions which is given as a final term exam of English in my daughters school, who is in First grade high school here in Tabriz/Iran.
I would like to know the correct answers

Q1) Put the words in the correct order
Some students replied as follows: She has most of all the books.
The rest has replied as follows:
She has the most books of all.
Which one is correct? Does it seem that both could be acceptable? Please give your reason

Q2) Reading Comprehension
book was too difficult for her to finish." This sentence means that:
a) she worked hard to finish the book b) the book was very easy to finish.
c) she finished the book easily d)
she couldn't finish the book

Although d) is correct one but some argue that a) also could be true. The reason is that from sentence a) it is not clear that whether she finished or not. In other words it could be:
she worked hard to finish the book, but she couldn't

I will be happy to have your input on these two questions.

Thanks in Advance
Tabriz, Iran