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    Hi Everyone

    Please edit and proof read my cover letter. It is for a job application at a very large law firm in South Africa. I really really want this job badly! If you wish me to forward you the letter over E-mail for you to work on it in word format, please post me you e-mail address I would have posted mine but the Forum prevents me. For those of you who don't want me to forward you the letter i pasted it underneath.

    Thank you very much. My future depends on this letter.

    Dear Ms Nel,

    The main aim of writing this letter is to introduce myself to you as a possible Candidate to complete my articles at Macrobert Attorneys in 2014. I am a final year LLB student at the North-West University, Potchefstroom. While doing vacation work at Albert Hibbert Attorneys’, I drove past your firm which led me to do some research about the firm. On your website is where I found the invitation for students to apply for the Candidate Attorney positions.

    Not only am I interested in committing fully to the firm and investing in my future but I’m also very passionate about my field of study and towards my work, this being visible in every aspect of my life. For me respect and openness is the very basis of mutual trust, a core value of the firm which I relate with as being one of my own. The leadership positions of my past helped me to establish values such as integrity, professionalism and being ethical at all times.

    I would like to be considered for the position because of the “EISH” factor mentioned by Mr. Hay, being present throughout my resume. I truly believe that I poses the “EISH” factor and that upon reading my awards, leadership and sports accomplishments you would agree with me.

    Please read my resume and being presented with this opportunity I want to use it to draw your attention to important points for your interest. Points I think you would find interesting is my Key Skills and Experience, Management, Part-Time Work during Vacations and my University Activities.

    Thank you very much for your time, professionalism and hospitality. Please contact me at any time in regards to an interview as I am available at your request. It is of my utmost desire to be considered for the position and is enthusiastic towards your firm and forming part thereof.

    Yours Sincerely,


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    You may find someone willing to do this, but you need to take note of the Forum Guidelines which request that you do not put things like "Urgent" etc in your titles. There are many posts for the volunteers to look at and we get to them when we can.

    In addition, please don't suggest emailing posts to people. For a start, email addresses are always removed from the forum. However, the main thing I took slight issue with was your phrase "...forward you the email for you to work on it". Based on that, you clearly realise that this is "work". If this job is so important, there are professional proofreaders and editors who quite rightly charge a fee. You may be better off with one of them.
    Remember - correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing make posts much easier to read.

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