well em writing to the school mail complaining bout my bus...so plz correct if any mistakes are there cuz this will be read by high authorities....


I am writing on behalf of all the bus users of Bus No. 150 to complain about the bus that has been provided to us . It ALWAYS comes up with new problems and we also have complaint several times. Unfortunately, no actions were taken, as expected. The only thing that changed was the no. (from 16 to 150) not even the hallow seat thats at the back.

Coming to the major problems, the bus' A/C rarely works, and because of that we have to face a lot of problems especially in the going time. It'll be sunny and we all will be exhausted (30 students including 3 teachers), when we enter the bus hoping to calm our temperatures down unfortunately the A/Cs will be down. It is very stressful.

The bus sometimes even shut down in middle of the high ways, and the bus driver has to work his sweat off to get the bus to a side. And it'll be quiet surprising but the fact is, we've been complaining about our bus since 2 years. And as i mentioned before, the only change they made in was in the no. (dont have any idea why, though).

And because of these problems, we are often late to school and the driver always says "this is an old bus, I cant do anything!". Then who can? who SHOULD? The authorities ofcourse! We believe we are entitled to have a better bus with neccessary facilities. I would be grateful if the concern authorities would deal with this matter as soon as possible.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Asma Mohammed

( IX-XII GS- BUS 150)