I am an English learner. But I have some diffculities with writing letters and emails. So I am writing the below paragraph for practicing. Would somebody who is native English language please comment on it. And ONE more thing would it be OK if I write a letter or an email to practice every now and, then and post it here to have someone to comment on it or the forum rules don't allow such things. Thanks to all and here is my paragraph:

Yesterday, I went to the hospital to have my blood drawn for a medical test. The nurse asked me if I were fasting, I told her no because nether I know that nor I have been told to do so. Then she said:"she had to asked the doctor if is it ok to draw the blood even I'm not fasting". The doctor told her to not proceed with that. So I had to go home and come some other time when I'm ready. After two weeks I went back to the hospital, and this time I'm fasting and ready for the blood test. Surprisingly, The hospital's lab was closed! When I asked why? I been told that today is Sunday and obviously the hospital's lab close on weekends. So I had to go home once again and come back when I'm fasting and the hospital's lab is opened.